Project Description

Real-time, in-store upholstery projections on actual furniture, easy with a tablet interface.

Customer Testimonials

Every furniture store should have it. With a clear picture of what will be delivered; there is no more guessing. I was very impressed!

Emilia Hall, Customer, SF Bay Area

Oh God, finally! Why there was no such thing before? We mentioned Vizera to all our friends who were about to buy furniture soon.

Abdurrahman Tarikçi, Customer, Ankara

We think this should be used in every field of furniture, whether it be curtains, couches or wallpapers.

Ali Aydoğan, Customer, Ankara

This will become our indispensable sales tool within the store; I don't expect to close any single sales without using Vizera in the future.

Mehmet Gültop, Sales Expert, Ankara

Project Details