Project Description

Online content sanity.  Internet content chaos organized into quality-tested online content 'zones'.  Content zones with only the top quality sites for information, video, games, photos, blogs, and any other form of relevant media - presented as topic bundles.  Curated by the community–the Wikipedia model applied to high-demand content topics!  As easy to navigate as the Smartphone home screens that are now part of everyday life.  

This is only the beginning.  All major brands need to evolve beyond their PC-oriented proprietary websites to create mobile-friendly content zones that include the best material on the Internet related to their products, otherwise they miss a wide range of opportunities.  Schools need to leverage the wealth of free online information and package it into online resource zones that support their curriculum.  Parents need help with fresh quality education and entertainment content zones for their kids!  

Join us in pushing one of the next big shifts in online content navigation and consumption.  It's time.     

Project Details